Something About Shea

Do you know what's in your shaving cream? Have you taken a good, hard look at what makes that white, fluffy stuff, so, well . . . fluffy?


At Pacific Shaving we have a different take on shaving cream. We like it thick and moisturizing with a luscious low lather that packs a wallop. But how do we pull it off? How do we get this shaving cream to do what it does?


Today our spotlight is on Shea. Shea Butter, that is.

Ingredient Spotlight: Shea Butter

  • What: Intensely moisturizing butter (or fat) from the nut of the African Shea Tree.
  • Why: This is no average butter. Uh uh. So much more than a lotion or a cream, Shea Butter is nature's balm, an organic way to bring your skin back to its natural supple state.
  • How: Shea is packed with vitamins A and E and absorbs quickly for supreme moisturizing. Shea has yet to meet a dry patch that it couldn't take.
  • Extra Points: In addition to superior epidermis hydration, Shea Butter is also thought to promote healing. Yup. Take that nicks and cuts.
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