Our Story

We're a small shop with real people, and we're here to help.

Where do you manufacture your products?

As a proud San Francisco-based business, we try to keep our manufacturing as close as possible. All of our creams, lotions, gels and oils are manufactured in California, right here in the USA.

Are all of your products 100% all-natural?

Actually, no. (Probably not the answer you were expecting, but let us explain.) While most of our products are very, very close to that 100% "All-Natural" classification, even a drop of something that is not "100%" all-natural means we can't honestly (and legally) make that claim. (As an example, even hand sanitizer says it works on 99.99% of germs for the same reason.). And truthfully, sometimes natural ingredients don't always work best. Ultimateley, we don't just want an ingredient list that works, we want a product that works! So, with every formulation, we start with natural ingredients. Then, as we test for efficacy, we revise ingredients as needed to make sure we are making the best possible product. And if we use a non-natural ingredient, it must be safe, and approved for cosmetic use. So while we don't make a "100% All-Natural" claim, we do ensure 100% of our products are made with Safe, Natural, and Plant/Vegetable-derived ingredients.

Should I buy your products directly from your website or through Amazon?

Either! Both!

We love when you purchase directly from us. It allows us to personally handle any questions or service concerns, and allows us to build relationships and directly share new items and promotions with you. (We've been known to slip surprise, free goodies in orders as well!)

Amazon is convenient though - no getting around that. When you buy from Amazon, and the "seller" is Pacific Shaving Company or Fortress Brands, you can trust that you are buying product that has come directly from us.

How can I contact you with questions?

Send us note here! We'll get back to you - and quickly!

What is your website privacy policy, terms and conditions?

You can find links to all of our website policies, terms, and conditions listed at the footer of every page on our website.