The Monkey Tail.


I suppose the beard is to a shaving company what an apple is to a doctor. As a result, I unfortunately feel like I have to be anti-beard in my worldview as a matter of principle (or good business), even though I'm really not.

That said, once or twice each year I like to go unshaven for a couple weeks so that when I do finally shave I can rest assured that our products continue to stand up as real beard-busters. That time period always makes for some awkward questions from friends – as the guy who runs a shaving company, how can I not be clean shaven all the time?

The two-week periods inevitably also bring some fun conversations about beard shapes, sizes and creative ways of sculpting.

Enter the Monkey Tail. Introduced to me at a holiday party and this year's winner by far.

It’s two parts creative, two parts creepy, one part awkward and one part awesome. You don’t want to stare at it, but you can’t look away either.

Of course, it only took one Google search to bring up pages of sites dedicated to this fad that is sweeping(?) the nation, though I have yet to actually find someone else who has heard of it.

When it came time to finally shave off my beard this morning, I couldn’t resist trying to sculpt the monkey tail. (lubricant of choice: shaving oil - so I could see where I was shaving.) I called my wife and kids into the bathroom so we could have a good laugh – but the fun stopped there. Definitely no going out in public like this for me. As quickly as it took its shape, it disappeared in a stream of whiskers down the drain. No photography allowed.

- Stan

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