Collection: OUR MISSION

Innovative and Effective Shaving Care.

Pacific Shaving Company began in 2002 with a clear goal: to radically improve the shaving experience. The result is a line of affordable shaving essentials that break through the barriers that give shaving a bad name. Our philosophy is simple: create shaving products that are good for the skin, good for the wallet and good for the earth.™ We also thought it would be convenient if they could be tucked into your carry-on bag for easy traveling (each product is TSA-approved, 3 oz or under).

Good for the skin

Made from a unique blend of safe and natural ingredients, our products lubricate skin to protect it from razor burn and allow for an absurdly close shave. Instead of drying and irritating, your skin will be left feeling supple, moisturized, and soothed.

Good for the wallet

Shaving can be a chore - and an expensive one, too. Our products are long-lasting (for example, our 1/2 oz. bottle of Natural Shaving Oil will last up to 100 shaves) and affordably-priced for everyday use.

Good for the earth

Everyone wants effective, affordable products. At Pacific Shaving Company, we believe that sustainable business practices and environmentally responsible manufacturing are just as important. All of our products are manufactured in the USA and our small but mighty product sizes mean fewer raw materials, less waste (our Shaving Oil takes up 95% less space than those bulky cans of shaving cream) and fewer carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

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